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I am always looking for new toys for my two pet gerbils. They chew on everything so i always make things not buy them. Here is great toy that your pet gerbil will love!!

Step 1: Supplies

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- empty toilet paper tube
- treats
- two kleenex (with no lotions or purfumes)
- one dixie cup

Step 2: Add the Treats

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Put a small amunt of treats in the bottom of the dixie cup. Then cover the treats with one of the kleenex.

Step 3: Add Toilet Paper Tube

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Next put theempty toilet paper tube i the middle of the dixie cup. Then stuff the other kleenex around the toilet paer tube to form a tight seal.

Step 4: Done!!!

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Now you are done!! Watch your gerbils have a great tme with it.


meepie2323 (author)2013-03-24

what is a dixie cup? is it just a plastic cup, or is it foam or paper? please answer!!!

uniicorn (author)meepie23232013-10-13

A dixie cup is a little paper cup that people use to rinse their mouths after they brush their teeth.

Mauigerbil (author)2011-07-28

My gerbil Galaxy looks exactly like the black spotted gerbil! I named her Galaxy because the mark on the back of her neck looks like the galaxy! yyou made my day!!1!!!!

Raventro (author)2010-04-16

Hi, I would like to use the image of the gerbils in step 4 above on my website in a poetry video of a poem called Gerbils. Will you grant permission please? Thank you , Raven

builderdude (author)Raventro2010-04-17

 sure go right ahead!

hitcliff (author)2009-10-03

wow, thanks a lot! was just thinking about presenting a pair of gerbils to my daughter as a birthday present. now I know how to improve my present! hope she'll enjoy it. great site, so glad i came across it. used to find great blogs with useful pieces of information by search engine, but always search for smth new. so many useful pieces of advice here! thanks!

canida (author)2009-06-12

Cute little guys! (I used to have a gerbil, too.) You don't find that this is too fast/easy for them to get apart? Mine was happy to really rip things up fast, and I can imagine him making short work of this toy. Might be fun to make it even harder. ;)

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Bio: I have 2 Gerbils. Sandy and Pearl
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