Picture of Homemade Gerbil Toy
I am always looking for new toys for my two pet gerbils. They chew on everything so i always make things not buy them. Here is great toy that your pet gerbil will love!!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
- empty toilet paper tube
- treats
- two kleenex (with no lotions or purfumes)
- one dixie cup
meepie23232 years ago
what is a dixie cup? is it just a plastic cup, or is it foam or paper? please answer!!!
A dixie cup is a little paper cup that people use to rinse their mouths after they brush their teeth.
Mauigerbil4 years ago
My gerbil Galaxy looks exactly like the black spotted gerbil! I named her Galaxy because the mark on the back of her neck looks like the galaxy! yyou made my day!!1!!!!
Raventro5 years ago
Hi, I would like to use the image of the gerbils in step 4 above on my website in a poetry video of a poem called Gerbils. Will you grant permission please? Thank you , Raven
builderdude (author)  Raventro5 years ago
 sure go right ahead!
hitcliff5 years ago
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canida6 years ago
Cute little guys! (I used to have a gerbil, too.) You don't find that this is too fast/easy for them to get apart? Mine was happy to really rip things up fast, and I can imagine him making short work of this toy. Might be fun to make it even harder. ;)