Homemade Gold-plating ( Super Simple )


Introduction: Homemade Gold-plating ( Super Simple )

Super simple way to gold plate your fav blade or tool
( or whatever you want to plate, as long as its metal :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

- Soldering iron and some wire

- Rubber Gloves and protective eye wear

- Li Ion cell

- AA-holder

- Dest. water

- Acetone

- Gold acid / Electrolyte

- Alligator clips

- Pencil / graphite rod or plate

- Drinking glass ( or a plastic pot of some sort, just no metal )

- Resistor ( 200 Ohm )

- Switch

....oh and something to hang in there :) Copper is tricky! Steel will work great.

Step 2: Like This...

The ions = Au+ / positive charge, so they will travel to the neg electrode...make sure your

blade or whatever is hooked up to " - "

Step 3: Instructional Video

The steps:

1. Solder the + WIRE to your AA-holder

2. Connect resistor to switch, switch to battery holder +

3. Stip off at least 1 inch of the isolation of the wire

4. File 2 lil notches into the head of your graphite electrode

5. Wrap the blank wire around it, fix by soldering...

6. Connect alligator-clip to the - pin of your AA-holder.


8. Put acetone in your drinking glass, hand on top, and then shake it, baby...

9. (ignore in case your gold solution is ready to use)Mix up your electrolyte, in my case 10 dest water + 1 electrolyte

10. Solution in the glass, battery in holder, electrode into the glass, whatever-you-want-to-plate as well.

11. Flip the switch, then check the color after 2-3 min.

12. Repeat until you are happy with the result :) and done.



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    10 Discussions

    Here are a few images of soaking gold acid (Home made) in stainless steel overnight.


    I think of doing this with gold from cell phones and HCl 25% and Hydrogen peroxide 35% to dissolve the gold. Then dilute it and soak it in steel plates.

    Someone else asked but what is the graphite used for? Also is the resistor necessarry thats the only thing I need.

    1 reply

    Electrodes and yes you do. Limits the current...explained in the video.

    Thanks for making this How To. My question is how can I remove gold plate from an object.

    1 reply

    I would just polish it off. Its usually not more than 5µm.

    I'm left with a number of questions after reading this.
    What is the need for the graphite electrode(s)?
    Step #8: What is the purpose of the ("shaken, not stirred") acetone? You don't seem to use it for anything. Do you leave it in the glass and then add the electrolyte and distilled water or is the acetone merely used to clean the glass and then discarded? You don't mention the acetone again after you shake it up in the glass.
    What is the gold/acid electrolyte and where does one obtain it? And more to the point, what does it cost? Since you obviously purchased it pre-mixed, it seems a little misleading to have titled this "Homemade gold plating".

    3 replies

    Acetone for cleaning the blade. And the goldplating PROCESS is homemade. Just because you dont make the flour yourself, you can bake your own bread cant you? No one makes goldacid. You have to buy it.

    Well, then...

    You might have mentioned the acetone being used to degrease the item to be plated, as opposed to merely telling us to pour acetone in a glass and "shake it, baby". Wouldn't you agree?

    I wouldn't really expect that you had mined the gold yourself, either.
    You aren't buying flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, eggs, milk, etc., etc. and baking a 'homemade cake'. You are buying a prepackaged mix and telling your guests it's "homemade" -- not quite the same thing -- rather like someone who assembles commercial plastic kits and proclaims themselves a "model builder". But, all in all, it's a matter of little consequence except that you chose to waste time and verbiage on a lame analogy rather than actually answering my questions. Your reply is as casually slap-dash and incomplete as the original Instructable.

    So, once again:

    Is there some specific reason for using a graphite electrode as opposed to simply hanging the bare wire in the electrolyte? Or would copper from a bare wire plate onto the anode, contaminating the gold plating? If so, wouldn't it then be useful to state that only the graphite cathode should be immersed in the electrolyte?


    When I asked where one might obtain (meaning "buy" or "purchase" if "obtain" was too oblique) prepared gold/acid electrolyte and what it might be expected to cost, I really expected something more informative than; "No one makes goldacid. You have to buy it."

    OK, now that we're both on the same page and agreeing one has to buy it...

    Have to admit its not my best tutorial, BUT it was a spontanious video. And in the days of GOOGLE, the question "where to buy thisnthat" seems a bit funny to me. And to be honest, I am German, I have no idea how its called in English :p but there are even sets on ebay afaik. Try ebay.