Step 7: Extra Cleaning for Pots and Pans

Picture of Extra Cleaning for Pots and Pans
If you've burned food to a pan, or if you've made yourself a nice hardened, stuck-on food mess along with your dinner, there's an easy way to get it out. :)

Add about 1/4 cup baking soda to a couple of cups of water in your pan and bring to a boil on the stove for 5-10 minutes. While this is going, it helps to scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon.

After you take it off the heat, give it a good scrub. You should have a nice clean pan! If not, rinse and repeat with a little more baking soda. This will also help remove stains for things like tomato sauces.
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garnetgirl1 year ago
Thanks for the good info.
For really slow drains I follow the baking soda with a large pot of boiling water. I have also used boiling vinegar. Both yield good results.
poori_kanna4 years ago
u can also try water + vinegar overnight in the pot ... the muck comes out cleaner and there's no smell ... :) i also spray my pots in vinegar and rinse if i'd cooked eggs/meat in them. there won't be any leftover smell :D
onemoroni14 years ago
Very good recopies for homemade cleaners. Some unique from other sources I've seen. I have made a window cleaner for years using rubbing alcohol, ammonia (non sudsing), and water in a spray bottle. It is close to the Windex brand. The alcohol makes it dry fast.