This is a wooden house which I made for my guinea pigs. It took about two hours altogether and cost roughly $20 excluding tools used to build it.
<p>This is cool, but can't the guinea pigs just escape?</p>
<p>well its ment as a home, you put it IN your cage, or just put it down somehwre in your house, my guinea pig doesnt like being incaged so i let him roam around :) i have a few dogs and a hamster but the hamster is no trouble and the limit for my dogs is only looking at him</p>
<p>i think its nice that you let your guinea pig roam around and have his freedom, but he might get stepped on, or run out if you open a door....so i dont think thats a good idea... You could just give him a certain room and let him have that whole space, but if he wanders around the house he could get hurt.</p><p>(Sorry if you feel like im ranting i just dont think its safe.)</p>
<p>This would be a better instructable if you actually told us HOW to make it and not just pictures</p>
<p>This is not a tutorial instructable, just an idea for inspiration. </p>
Thanks. It is intended for use in a hutch or a run, not for them to live in.

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