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Introduction: Homemade Guitar

I will tell you the steps to making a homemade guitar with very few materials!
You will need

  • Wardrobe box hanger bar
  • Tape of any kind (recommended to be duct tape or stronger)
  • Thick sewing string
  • thumbtacks
  • small cardboard box (completely sealed)
  • Exacto Knife

Step 1:

Cut a circle into the sealed box, and place 3 or more of the thumbtacks above that circle.

Step 2:

Cut a small slit in the back in the side opposite of the thumbtacks, and stick one side of the wardrobe hanger bar into that slit, it should more or less be stuck in place at that point.

Step 3:

Attach your strings! Wrap the thread around the thumbtacks (each string separate to its own tack) and pull it across to the end of the wardrobe hanging bar, and tape it to the end of it. (make sure it's tight enough to make a noise!)
You might need help with this part, but it is possible to do on your own.

Do this for each of the strings you decide to use.

Step 4: And You Have Done It!

If you managed all the steps right, you should of been able to make a guitar!



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