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Introduction: Homemade Guitar Humidifier

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I have a Takamine gs 330s acoustic guitar, which sells new at Guitar Center for $330. My grandpa gave me a "Planet Waves" acoustic guitar humidifier. I do not want my guitar to become warpedor messed up because of the lack of humidity, and I am starting to doubt the effectiveness of the "Planet Waves" humidifier. Here is my home made guitar humidifier. Soon I am making one for my Lanikai LU-11 ukulele.

Step 1: Materials

You only need three things. A small tupperware container, a sponge, and a drill or pocketknife.

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Take the lid off of the tupperware container and drill holes in it, but make sure the holes are not too big. They should be about 1/2 of a centimeter in diameter. Poke about 4-5 holes.

Step 3: Trim the Sponge

Cut the sponge up if it will not fit in the tupperware container comfortably. Make sure it doesn't push against the lid.

Step 4: Soak the Sponge

Get the sponge inside wet, but not saturated. It should not be dripping. If it is, take out the sponge and wring it out.

Step 5: Using It

Place the humidifier into the guitar's case with it. I am not responsible for any injuries sustained, or for any damage to any guitars. Use at your own risk. If you use it correctly, and do not let it leak, nothing bad will occur.



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    Your guitar can also get too humid, that can cause warping also. I recommend the 2 way humidification system to keep your guitar at around 50%. In the winter when it's really dry I recommend the homemade systems to keep your two ways from drying up too quickly. The inside of the guitar body is unfinished and which dries up the most quickly that is your first area to humidify. Nick warping isn't always from to dry or too wet sometimes it's from the wrong strings. Example, using steel strings on a nylon string guitar.

    I just use a walgreens overnight maxipad with flexible wings that I get wet without removing it from the plastic package it comes in. Gets me to 45% humidification. I use a radio frequency controlled thermometer/hygrometer to monitor the humidity in the case without having to open the case.


    A travel soap dish with holes and a sponge works pretty good also. Bonus, it's aerodynamic.

    This is so much better than any of the guitar humidifiers that you can buy one the market ive experimented with most of them and have found that even the more expensive ones are that great. this work so well for what the price of materials are thanks for the instructable!.

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    Of course. thanks for the reply.

    In non humid areas acoustic guitars need humidity or else their neck will warp or body will crack

    oh...... i didnt know about that beacause in the south its always humid!

    yeah louisana is pretty humid. You like the white stripes?