Make delicious gummies in any shape or flavor you want!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients and Supplies

To make the gummies, you will need the following ingredients and supplies:

One package of flavored Jell-O
Three (.25 oz) packets of unflavored gelatine
1/3 cup water

Small saucepot
Metal spoon
Candy/Chocolate molds
Something that pours well (for example, I'm using a creamer pot)

Optional: Cornstarch and paintbrush (to keep the gummies from sticking to one another)
You could use citric acid or a combo of citric acid and sugar. It's what's used on/in sour gummies and acts as a preservative as well. I see some black cherry sour gummies in my future. :)
I just took a closer look at the picture of the flavored gelatin. Is it supposed to be sugar free? I just used a 6 oz package of sugared. I hope it sets up.
have you tried to use flavor oils to add flavor rather than another pack of jello?
These look delicious!
Wow, easy! <br />Most commercial gummies seem to have a sugar coating on the outside - have you tried using powdered sugar as your non-stick agent?
Those look good!
This is WAY simpler than I expect. <br><br>Well explained.

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