Homemade Hand Flamethrower Ver 1.0





Introduction: Homemade Hand Flamethrower Ver 1.0

***warning i am not responsible for any damage it is just for fun***

this is my Homemade Hand Flamethrower ver 1.0 that i made in 1 hour
it is very simple and good looking it is made of :
-tube with lighter hose
-old plastic watch
-old watch band

warning i am not responsible for any damage it is just for fun

Homemade Hand Flamethrower ver 2.0



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    if you want a bigger flame, use the lighter just for the spark and mount on a spray can that you dont need no more. It contains gases that are highly flamable so you get a better effect. Just re-route gass tube to it and place the lighter at the end of the tibe and, finito,you get a stronger version on the flame thrower

    But othervise the original version is a lot more reliable than my idea, so nice project work

    Thanks for that little preview how da da do we build it

    Y u no tell us how to make it

    to get more flame from a lighter, try a higher pressure lighter and also try making the nozzle smaller.

    to get the most pressure out of a gas lighter unscrew the nozzle and take out that white straw like think, now your lighter will squirt liquid gas but only for a few seconds.

    It's more of a hand lighter than a flamethrower you could of get larger flame if you use a gas lighter refill tank, but if you want it to be a real flamethrower you need to use a liquid fuel. electric igniter would be great improvement too.

    Have You Thought About Using A BBQ Lighter Igniter To Create The Spark So You Don't Have To Use A Lighter?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo4zxolnnMk
    I'm Currently Working On My Own Design For A Hand Flamethrower. If You Try This, Let Me Know How It Goes???