Introduction: Homemade Hand Tapping Machine DIY Precision Handy Tapper

Homemade Hand Tapping Machine DIY Precision Handy Tapper

This rigid hand tapper helps prevent broken taps while tapping straight holes.
Precision ground work table and spindle ensure accuracy.

Tap adapters for 3 mm through 13 mm taps.

The table is 125 mm x 220 mm. The clearance height is 250 mm and the throat depth is 220 mm The overall height is 300 mm

This my Handy Tapper make very easy with Drill chuck spindle t0 13 mm,

Aluminium alloy 45 mm x 45 mm x 180 mm make 2 hole 32 mm

2 pcs bearing 32 mm / 12 mm ... and nice work

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