Homemade Heating Pad





Introduction: Homemade Heating Pad

Make your own heating pad at home in two minutes!

I often strain my neck after staring at a computer for many hours.  A couple weeks ago I strained my neck really bad and couldn't go into work for a couple days.  Jason gave me the idea to make an at home heating pad.

Step 1: Materials

1 Pair of Socks (make sure there are no synthetic materials in socks!)
1 1/2 cups of Rice

Step 2: Making the Heating Pad

Pour rice into one of the socks.
Tie a knot at the top of the sock.
Put the sock with the rice in the other sock, knot side first.
Tie end of outside sock.

Step 3: Using the Heating Pad

Put the heating pad in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Makes sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn't smoke.

You will be surprised how long It will retain the heat.

Place under your neck and lay down. Don't watch t.v., use your computer, or do anything that will strain your neck while using the heating pad.

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I'd recommend using salt instead of rice. it keeps the heat, doesn't go bad, and wouldn't introduce bacteria and microbes over time. cheaper as well!

Very easy to make, I am excited to use this after long days at my desk!

I heat the rice in a small measuring bowl I have with a spout. You can use a bowl or cup also. I use a fuzzy long sock and pour it in. That way i don't have to worry about a fire. Works great. If you want you can pour essential oils on the rice after heated. I use lavender for ear infections. Im not sure why it unclogs my ear but it does. I read it online. Tried it and it worked. We did it once to heal a poisonous spider bite also.

Do you have to like replace the rice or can you just keep it

It worked REALLY well!!!!!!!! Thanks a million!!!!!

Great idea it helps me a lot !Before you take any action you should try manipulating the pad. I also follow these heating tips for better results.

My friend showed me this... I guess Ill try it

great instant fix for my wife's sore back, took 2 minutes and I came in like a hero! thanks :)

This is awesome! I used it for my belly :) I get bad period cramps and this is I deal for those! I don't have a camera to post it! Loved it! I will definately be using this in the future!

Important thing: don't do this with arborio rice. Any moisture in the sock, it will absorb. I don't think it's too dangerous (I mean it smells ricey but hey), but your sock does, uh, expand... a little