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Make your own heating pad at home in two minutes!

I often strain my neck after staring at a computer for many hours.  A couple weeks ago I strained my neck really bad and couldn't go into work for a couple days.  Jason gave me the idea to make an at home heating pad.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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1 Pair of Socks
1 1/2 cups of Rice
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slozoya17 made it!3 months ago
You mam are a life saver!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO much!!! I was having the worst cramps of my life and now I am happily typing this with my "homemade heating pad" on my lower abdomen:)
It really is a lifee saver just made it for the same reason and its working wish I would of found ths 3 days ago
soophiadelrey7 months ago
literally almost burnt my house down, exploded everywhere, smells like smoke and fire, almost caught on fire, my microwave is black from the BLACK rice, burnt my finger trying to put it under cold water, NEVER DO THIS

if there was any synthetic material (rayon, for instance) in your socks, it could have melted and started on fire. I've never had a problem with my homemade rice bag catching on fire, and I've used it for years!

Use corn instead of rice... that's fried corn, there is some moisture in dried corn. Heat this for up to two minutes.
TschNJ TschNJ6 months ago
That's dried corn NOT fried!
Puppy82peace made it!6 months ago
Works great! Only two things only use as much or as little rice as you need and only heat it up for 1 min!
Puppy82peace6 months ago
Worked great! But only two things use as much or as little rice as you need and only heat it up for 1 minute no longer

it exploded and destroyed my micowave.

Use dry corn instead, there is a little moisture to absorb heat from the microwave oven. Only heat for about 2 minutes.
bri.bondeson made it!8 months ago

Im sick and its been working great for the body aches so far.

thanks a million! my back was tighter then a drum and my heating pad was at work. i used 2 cups of rice because my husband has big feet LOL i only put mine in for a minute and it's plenty warm!
roseberry1009 months ago
I made my Ma this and she was surprised, but it actually works, despite being a little silly. :-)
Carleyy (author)  roseberry1009 months ago

That's so awesome!

I used some dried garbanzo beans as that was all I had available. Worked great and holds the heat very well.
Carleyy (author)  delightmtreleaven10 months ago

Good to know!

MortishaA10 months ago

this works lovely for menstrual cramps for those of use that menstruate and also take care to consider how powerful your microwave is, two minutes in some microwaves it nuclear :)

yvonned11 months ago

i have trouble with my hands i like to buy one

add some lavender oil to help relax & with the odor from rice or any oil or scented leaves for a better smell :)

add some lavender oil to help relax & with the odor from rice or any oil or scented leaves for a better smell :)

Thanks so much! I just moved into a new apartment sans heating pad and forgot to pick one up at the store. This was so helpful for my cramps! 2 minutes was plenty for my low-wattage microwave.

However, just as a warning, mine steamed when I put it in the microwave - so make sure you're not right next to your smoke detector! It might have been the sock was damp or the rice had gotten damp after spending a few months in my cupboard.

Made this just now. Works perfectly. Thanks!!!

Elliemae11 year ago

You can also use dry kidney beans...they stay hot even longer. I use them all the time.

lnelmel1 year ago

So happy to find this! Making one today for our dog who has just been diagnosed with spinal issues. Part of his treatment is heat on his back a few times a day. Thank you so much!!

This really worked for me, i have been having horrible cramps and i dont own a heating pad, and its too late at night to buy one. This worked perfect, the heat stayed a long time!
Znaffi1 year ago
Wow! And they have an nice "rice aroma"
Great post!!
We here use same technique, we put red bean instead of rice. Work well too.
ceealice1 year ago
wonderful idea for sore neck or back !
timwikander2 years ago
This is great!
ccarreer2 years ago
OMG! I feel like facepalming here. xD

Friend of mine totally gave me one of these for Xmas, but I've worn it out already. I was trying to figure out how to make another one, and BAM! Duh! Sock!

Suzi17s2 years ago
this is a realy good idea.
0johnlewis02 years ago
Great "waste to best " idea !! This will surely make the resources go well utilized :) Utility Heating pads.

ktyrel3 years ago
i hurt my shoulder last year i cheerleading and this feels great on it. it probably inst going to heal but it feels a little better. and btw. i didnt want to cheerlead...ever but my mom made me.
SIRJAMES093 years ago
and if you do not want a round pad, cut some material in the shape you wish, & sew it up after filling it with rice...OR, do this & have 2 or more heating pads. :)

This is just great!! Thank you for sharing Ma'am.
I love making these for gifts. The sock thing is great adhoc solution but I sew rectangular shaped ones out of just basic cotton broadcloth (cut up flat sheets from the clearance rack work great). I sew channels every few inches to keep the rice from bunching up on one side.

Then I make decorative covers out of flannel using a sham closure so they are easily removed for washing. I usually embroider the recipient's name on the edge of the closure. Here's a sham closure for anyone who is interested:

TY Ma'am for sharing this website..

I stumbled across this instructable looking for something about making pillows...

TY Again. B0)
Mike733 years ago
Cool idea and easy to make. Maybe I make some, too. My wife always needs more than one of the pads we already have to warm up ;-)
kwthemale3 years ago
If only my microwave worked...
Made these with dried corn once, called em "Corn Bags" sowed them up like bean bags made you hungry for popcorn. Pop em in the freezer and they are great cold packs too.
hmaulana14 years ago
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