Homemade Hi-Fi Headphones





Introduction: Homemade Hi-Fi Headphones

These home-made hi-fi headphones work as well or better than Sony or Bose noise-canceling headphones.

  • Cost: $20
  • Time to make: one minute
  • Difficulty: none

As seen in my article in Make Magazine Volume 5.

Unlike the commercial products, these block outside noise instead of canceling it. Listen to music or books on tape without hearing traffic noise, screaming babies, etc. I've been making these for more than a decade. People sometimes ask "isn't it dangerous not being able to hear?" No. Talking on a cellphone shuts off most of the brain whereas listening to headphones is no more dangerous than say, being deaf. Lots of my friends use these units and no harm has come to anyone.

Step-by-step Instructable is here.



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    Lol, I wouldn't call these "Hi-Fi". Those crappy drivers you put into those ear muffs are not at all High Fidelity...


    i have build it before i saw this video

    I'm sure they work very well, but the don't look the best for walking through the shopping center or at the sk8 park...

    WOAH! heheh, now i know why the instructible isnt included, it takes hehe, LESS than 60seconds to make...been toying with the idea fro some time as well, however, never got up to doin it..Great Job man! oh, btw, isnt there any sound loss where the wire enters the Jackhammer Headphones (muffs)? thanks a million!

    GREAT idea timanderson i had this idea myself but you helped a LOT


    ya, i did this to my 25 dollar vic firth drumming noise cancelling headphones, because if you want to buy drumming headphones that have speakers in them, it costs about 125 bucks, so ya, great for drummers in home studios....such as myself lol. great video.

    an alternative for Jackhammer earmuffs are Shooter's earmuffs, available at any Gun Shop.

    Thanks. I tried it and it works great

    Sure you can still have videos in your Instructable, but if they can stand alone, you can also post them as a just a video.