Homemade Holidays Contest Winners

Instructables, The Wand Company, and Shapeways are happy to announce the winners of the Homemade Holidays Contest!

There were an amazing 256 (28!) entries in the contest. All sorts of presents and decorations were entered. If you haven't taken the time to check out the entries we urge you to do so now. The winners below are fantastic, but there was so much more. The ideas out there were great.

We'd like to thank our partners for putting up prizes in the contest. We'd also like to thank all of the judges who helped out: starshipminivan, gmjhowe, emattrose, bloomautomatic, =SMART=, onebrokenneck, flaming_pele!, dragonfyredawn, and macgeek800. 

And now, on with the winners!

Pallet Playhouse style
Want a fun project that won't cost much?  Got kids and a decent amount of time on your hands? Try using shipping pallets and reclaimed wood to build your kids a funky playhouse.  Or use it as a shed...
From Sewing Machine to Scroll Saw, a Christmas tale style
Let's transform an old and unused sewing machine into a scroll saw so we can make some wooden decorations (and a load of other cool jazz).  If, like me, you had an old sewing machine (I tend to collec...
Knex Christmas Wreath style
This is a small wreath that will look good with your other Christmas decorations :-). It's mostly made of green connectors and white rods, plus red "berries" and a red ribbon at the bottom. I also inc...
Christmas Story Bunny Costume style
Oh, Fuh...dge... My brother-in-law needed a costume to wear to his family's Christmas party, and asked me to make him Ralphie's deranged Easter bunny pink nightmare costume. I couldn't pass this up...
Death Star Christmas Tree Topper style
I have been collecting those nice hallmark Star Wars ornaments since 1999.  Ever since I got a decent amount of them I have wanted to put a Death Star on top of the tree.  This year was the year (insp...
Christmas window lighting frames style
I'm no Clark W. Griswold Christmas light fanatic, but I do like the look of a nicely lit window during the holiday season.  The problem is that in order to look nice you have to hang each light on a s...
3D plywood Catan board style
Settlers of Catan is a family strategy boardgame for 3-4 players. It has a clever modular board that is arranged differently each time you play. Settlers has inspired many different 3D versions; the b...
Make a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree style
This instructable shows how to find the true meaning of Christmas.  It's not about fancy aluminum Christmas trees, real estate, a blue ribbon for the best decorated dog house, or cash in 10s and 20s. ...
Christmas card with inbuilt retro video game for under $10 style
Hello all and welcome to my second Christmas related project. Have you ever received a really boring Christmas card? Have you ever sat there and thought to yourself "If only there were a little video...
Tesla Tornado Christmas Tree style
Here is a Christmas tree with a twist!  This metre-high tube uses a magnetically-driven Tesla Pump to create a beautiful water vortex. With green food colouring and lights behind it, it makes an awes...
Anti-Gravity Tree Stand style
A real tree in the house has long been a Christmas tradition.  The look, feel, and scent of a real tree far out ways the the downside of falling needles and sticky sap. A few years back the puddle un...
Tea Light Lamps (an Easy Last-Second Gift) style
Make a last-second gift, with long drink glasses (possibly used ones), tracing paper (or inkjet transparencies) and tee lights. It's really easy! You can change of design whenever wanted, or revert t...
A garden inside a ball - Christmas time style
How to create a garden inside a plastic trasparent Christmas tree ball
animated truck conveyor belt gift box style
Every year my family has a contest to see who can make the best gift wrapping job.  My little nephew LOVES trucks and construction equipment.  So I figured I would make some trucks drive around on the...
Shoe Tower - a free standing, multi-tier floating shoe rack style
Shoes take up a lot of space. This is a known fact. In a room as small as mine, space is valuable and the shoe pile that I used to maintain in one corner of my room often became unmanageable as the s...
I love you because... Message in a Bottle Key Ring style
Here it is - the handmade gift personalized by you for the special guy in your life! Of course, this would make a great women's necklace as well, but you know how hard those guys are to shop for! This...
Surprise Rumbling Box style
Hey, guys! And Girls. The holiday season is all about giving, right? Well, how about giving a gift you can enjoy, too. This instructable will show you how to make a rumbling box to give people a jump....
INTRO.This is a “SPIRAL LED CHANDELIER” with 240 LED’s working on AC current.It looks very decent when you switch off all the room lights at night.Gives a soft light throughout the room and you can us...
Quiz Show Buzzer System using Staples Easy Button style
 My first instructable! As a college instructor, I often enjoy doing review games - especially using PowerPoint for a Jeopardy! format. However, sometimes it's hard to see students' hands and the com...
Make any sweater an ugly Christmas sweater style
If you've ever tried to find an ugly Christmas sweater at the last minute for the increasingly popular "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party then you might have heard the thrift store employees tell you that...