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The following is a recipe I have created (and continue to modify) for homemade hot wings.  I use a light breading and traditional style sauce however, I also provide a modified version of my sauce in this instructable (I usually can't decide between the two so I end up making both). Generally I like to use the BBQ style sauce with breaded wings and the traditional style without. Hopefully you all enjoy my recipe and remember to have some fun while creating the best of all party foods!

Step 1: Materials and Ingredients

Picture of Materials and Ingredients
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The following ingredients are required for creating the coating and sauce for your chicken wings.
Large Pot with lid
Saute Pan
Vegetable Steamer Rack
Chopping Knife
Cutting Board
Large and Medium sized Mixing Bowls
Baking Pan
Aluminum Foil
Corn Meal
Cayenne Pepper Powder
Onion Powder
Serrano Pepper (1)
Pickled Sweet and Hot Jalapeno Peppers
Habanero Sauce
Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Brown Sugar
Red Wine Vinegar (garlic flavored)
Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce
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hjennings233 years ago
This looks like a great recipe! I wonder what would happen if I baked these at, say, 400 in a convection oven...