Homemade Improvised Turtle Dock





Introduction: Homemade Improvised Turtle Dock

This is the new turtle basking platform I made for my Western and Eastern Painteds when their old dock got way too small for them. They literally sunk when both of them went on at the same time! I made this dock to let my turtles have a better basking experience while in their aquarium. For those who are not sure, the turtle dock provides an area for aquatic turtles to bask and receive the UV rays they need to support a healthy, long life. It is VERY important that the dock is large enough to keep the turtles out of the water to prevent shell rot. It also ensures that they are even more comfortable in their environment, and the dock should be easily accessible. Check out my other instructable if you would like to know how to create your own! The tools I used were styrofoam, hot glue, assorted smooth river rocks, and fake plants. I also used half of my old Zoo med turtle dock to provide an easy access ramp to the new island.

Please rate and Enjoy! :D



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    I did a similar dock but glued bark to my styrofoam with some aquarium sealant i had laying around. the turtles love it and so far it's held up (going on 2 years now!) It looks like you also used suction cups and some string to hold it up?

    Styrofoam is buoyant, it floats on it's own.

    please rate guys! i only want the pliers :) lol

    Nope. I thought the glue would come apart but it is holding perfectly. The styrofoam stays in perfect shape in the water, and the turtles haven't tried chewing on it. It has been in for around 3 or 4 months now, so I am happy it has not gotten ruined.

    Turtles need some time out of the water, right? To hang out, snack, sync with iTunes... just normal turtlish things.

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    you got it, dude haha (I like the Itunes part)

    Build52: I cut a standard sheet of styrofoam, and pasted over a sealant to prevent the turtles chewing through the styrofoam, and I have 2 Painted turtles, one is 5 years old and one is 3, a 4 year old albino ACF, a mobile log perch, and two dogs. Sold my bearded dragon for 2 fire belly newts.

    Schoochmaroo: The turtle dock is to provide aquatic turtle species with an area to bask and recieve the UV light, and warmth they need. They use it to lie in the sun pretty much lol.

    I love turtles and that turtle dock great! how many animals do you have?

    Cute photos! Can you explain more what a turtle dock is for those of us who are unindoctrinated?