Picture of Homemade Indiana Jones Pinball Machine
Pinball Layout.jpg
   This is my homemade Indiana Jones themed pinball machine that I'm currently working on. This pinball machine will not use any electronics. It will be all mechanical including making sounds, as well as keeping score. This project was started to get a large pinball machine to use no electricity, which most pinball machines consume a lot of electricity. I hope that this project will inspire you to find other ways to do things that you love, by making it green.

   There will be more steps to come. Do to project not being finished. Additional things that will be done to the pinball machine and added as a step later on is there will be one more ball ramp, graphics will be added to the table/parts, plaster casted rocks will line both the left and right interior walls of the pinball machine. There will be more vintage toys, such as gas barrels, bike, etc.. Check back at a later time to follow the progress as well as subscribe to me on YouTube at The Pinball Maker Channel to see updated videos.

  The following picture's may have other objects in the picture that we haven't talked about yet, do to having already done things to the pinball machine before taking these pictures.

Tools Needed for Project:
   *Philips Bit
   *3/32" Drill Bit
   *3/8" Drill Bit
   *1/2" Drill Bit
   *Drill Bit Depth Stopper
   *Skill Saw
   *Miter Saw
   *Band Saw or Scroll Saw
   *Tin snips
   *Wire Cutters
   *Caulk Line
   *Screw sink bit
   *Putty Knife
   * Heat Gun
   *Painting Supplies "Brush, Roller, etc."

nice but most pinball machines use less electricity then a small tv

winol9 months ago

Excellent instructalbe. Can't wait to see the end product!

ajaco392 years ago
mcsper3 years ago
Great job. I can't wait to see the final.
good choice with Indy too.
martiro73 years ago
Hay Kris82, where did you get your mad pinball machine skills? Did you repair them or manufacture them before?
Kris82 (author)  martiro73 years ago
I have just always liked pinball machines and always played them over any other game in the arcade when growing up.
dreamberry3 years ago
That's Incredible!
Hungerwood3 years ago
OMG! That's awesome right now! :) Hope you'll finish it successfully and soon!
Kris82 (author)  Hungerwood3 years ago
Right now I'm building the 3rd ramp and I have all ready made two targets that you hit and the marble falls down for you score.
OCLVig3 years ago
WOW... Nice job! I can't wait to see the final product. This is definitely an epic instructables project!
Attmos3 years ago
I agree, Really Cool!
That's sick, man.