Step 7: Flipper Channels

Materials Needed for Step 7:
   * 1 1/4" Round Slot Screws
   * 2' by 2' by 1/4" thick Plexiglass
   * 3 1/4" by 1/4" Rubber Bands
   * 12 - 1/2" long Nylon Spacers
   * 12 - 1/8" ID Nylon Washers
   * 1 - 22" long by 3" wide and 3/4" thick piece of wood.

Cutting The Flipper Channels:
   In this step please refer to the pictures below for an exact measurement and degree of cuts. This step is a little to hard to explain on how to cut them and where to drill the pilot holes. But you can cut out the plexiglass with a scroll saw or band saw. After cutting out these pieces of plexiglass you will need to round the corners with the scroll saw or band saw. Except the corners that will be butting up against the playing field flippers. You will need to mark a concave circle from one corner to the other and cut it out. This way the pinball will flow down the channel and there will be less gap in between the plexiglass and flippers. The holes that you need to drill need to be done slowly so that you don't crack the plexiglass. Also make sure the screws slide in the pre-drilled holes with out screwing in or it will crack the plexiglass.

Assembling the Flipper Channels:
  All of the following measurements will be done on the playing field board and will be measured from the left and from the bottom. Make sure that you mark each spot, because you will need to pre-drill the spots with a 3/32" bit after marking the spots. But be for you pre-drill the holes lay out the pieces on the playing field and make sure the holes line up. If not then remark the holes.

   1) 6 5/8" left and 6" up.
   2) 2" left and 8 1/2" up.
   3) 2" left and 11 3/4" up.
   4) 6 1/8" left and 8 1/2" up.
   5) 3 7/8" left and 9 7/8" up.
   6) 3 7/8" left and 12" up.
   7) 15 1/2" left and 6" up.
   8) 20 1/4" left and 8 1/2" up.
   9) 20 1/4" left and 11 3/4" up.
   10) 16" left and 8 1/2" up.
   11) 18 1/4" left and 9 7/8" up.
   12) 18 1/4" left and 12" up.

   Now place the plexiglass where it needs to go. From the top you will need to take one of the 1 1/4" Round Slot Screws and insert a 1/8" ID nylon washer onto it. Next slide it into one of the plexiglass holes then insert a 1/2" nylon spacer on the other side. Once you do this to all the holes then you can screw them down to the board. Once everything is screwed down to the board use the 3 1/4" rubber bands and place multiple rubber bands on each flipper channel bumper. I do two high and about four deep.

Pinball Return:
   You will need to cut a 22" long by 2" wide piece of wood. Next measure on the short right side measure 1" from the bottom and draw a line from this mark to the top left corner. Next cut this line out. Now put the thick end to the left of the pinball machine and the longer side all the way against the front of the pinball machine. Once this is in place you can pre-drill and counter sink three evenly spaced holes along this piece of wood of a depth of 1 1/4" and screw it down with 1 1/4" wood screws.

At this point you can check out part one video of this pinball machine.

Step Seven Reminders, Tips and Tricks:
   * Pre-drill holes slowly through the plexiglass so that it wont crack. Practice test on a couple of scrap pieces to test on.
<p>nice but most pinball machines use less electricity then a small tv</p>
<p>Excellent instructalbe. Can't wait to see the end product!</p>
Great job. I can't wait to see the final. <br>good choice with Indy too.
Hay Kris82, where did you get your mad pinball machine skills? Did you repair them or manufacture them before?
I have just always liked pinball machines and always played them over any other game in the arcade when growing up.
That's Incredible!
OMG! That's awesome right now! :) Hope you'll finish it successfully and soon!
Right now I'm building the 3rd ramp and I have all ready made two targets that you hit and the marble falls down for you score.
WOW... Nice job! I can't wait to see the final product. This is definitely an epic instructables project!
I agree, Really Cool!
That's sick, man.

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