Picture of Homemade Infrared Goggles! For Under $10
See the world in a whole new light with these home-made Infrared Goggles! Amazing images! See the Test Results in the video at the end of this Instructable. Thanks to Bill Beaty for the idea.

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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
First pick up a pair of welding Goggles. I got these online for $7.

Step 2: The Gels:

Picture of The Gels:
You will need a specific type of blue gel to make this work. The theatrical lighting gel is called "Congo Blue" and it is manufactured by the two most popular gel companies, LEE (C181) and Rosco (#382)

You can find them HERE

Step 3: Gel #2

Picture of Gel #2
The second lighting gel is "Primary Red". The LEE number is 106 and the Rosco number is 27.

You can find them HERE

Step 4: Prepare the goggles...

Picture of Prepare the goggles...
Unscrew the lens assembly for each eyepiece and remove the green welding gel, leaving only the clear gel. This will reinforce the blue and red gels you will be installing. Using the welding gel as a template, cut out 8 blue gels and 2 red gels.

Step 5: Put it all together...

Picture of Put it all together...
Take 4 blue gels and insert them in the eyepiece assemblies and then screw them back on to your new IR-Goggles. Now, wait for a very bright sunny day and go outside! You won't believe what you see. DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN!! Serious, permanent eye damage can occur in seconds. Then for another effect, add the red gel to each eyepiece and see the difference. Now here is the video!

jagdterrier5 years ago
whether it will be able to see clearly at night using IR LEDs if I make. Best regards from Serbia
No, the goggles only block the visible part of sunlight. At night, there is no sunlight. Just try IR LEDs, and don't use any goggles. Also see the original project FAQ at http://amasci.com/amateur/irgoggl.html

Besides "Congo Blue", also experiment with "Deep Blue" and other blues.
wupme6 years ago
In my Rosco Swatchbook Congo Blue is 181 and not 382, primary red is 106 and not 27. Did you mix them up, or did they change theyr numbers? I doubt they would, that could lead to serious issues i think.
czenob6 years ago
could you make these into night vision by putting a infrared led into, lets say, a maglite w/ led conversion and use both together? just saying because the flashlight would put off infrared and goggles would pick that up right?
danm956 years ago
how about not on the internet?
nbcgod7 years ago
Hey Kipkay, Do you know where I can buy some of this theatrical lighting gel? NBCGod
I found some on Amazon.com heres the link.

and the same for shamuslauer.
dashman947 years ago
Does anyone know where to get that gel stuff online?
Would the colors that this site provide work?


How do I buy the colors from the site if the colors work?
B&H Photo Video has Rosco Congo Blue.