Blizzard-proof your carburator using only a cardboard box, duct tape, and dryer vent.
it will be on fire
Nice! I have a '68 Baja. I live in California though so I won't need this.
cool, have any pictures of your bug?
Sorry about the quality.
looks nice. if you want it to last, take my advice and don't move anywhere that they have to salt the roads in the winter :)
It's mostly fiberglass anyway. It just came back today with a new engine. Double carberator.
If there was ever a potential Instructable hiding in a slideshow, this one is it. I have no idea what you did, what you used, how you did it, how it works...I got nuthin but an idea from this.
I Would have made this an Instructable, but i didn't have any pictures of the actual construction. basically it uses warm air from the heater to feed the engine to keep ice from forming inside the carb.

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