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Introduction: Homemade Jewelry

Here are some of my latest creations. The first ones are made from spoon handles  the second is based off https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Simple-Wire-Ring/  and the bracelet is made from copper wire and .22 bullet casings .Full instructable hopefully to come soon. Enjoy



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    umm..just wondering could u change the picture on this to a skull or sword perhaps?

    sure if you can find a spoon or fork with that on it but if not you could always engrave it

    If you're not selling these, you should be. The first ring is just as good as several I saw on Etsy, going for $50-100.

    Thanks. and sadly no i have yet to sell any yet but i hope to as soon as i find a place to sell them.

    iv thought about it but id rather not mess with selling stuff online

    Is their a good instructable on how to make "spoon handle rings" without having any jewelers tools??? I have a considerable number of old spoons( all different) that I bought at an auction, just laying around that I have been meaning to do this to....