Introduction: Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Door Organizers

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Here is a easy way to save space in your kitchen cabinets.Its a great way to organize.

Step 1: Side Boards

Picture of Side Boards

Step 1 *  I purchased  a 1x6x8 pine board .  I measured and cut two  pieces 20 inches long.

Step 2 *  Measured and ripped both boards 4 inches wide on the table saw.

Step 2: Marking for Dowel Holes

Picture of Marking for Dowel Holes

Step 1 * Measure up from the bottom of both boards 5/8  of a inch .

Step 2 * measure in  3/4 of a inch  on each side  of the board .

Step 3 * Next measure up 9 1/4  inches from the bottom. Measure  in 3/4 of a inch  from each side of the board . These marks  are for the two dowels for the second tier.

Step 4* measure up 5 inches from the bottom of the board  and 5/8 in from from one edge of the board. 

Step 5 *  Next measure up from the bottom of the board  14 inches and then 3/4  of a inch in from the  edge.

Step 3: Drilling Dowel Pin Holes

Picture of Drilling Dowel Pin Holes

Step 1*  I  used  a 3/8  spade bit to drill the 12 holes in the boards

Step2* I used a round over bit in my router to round both edges of the boards.

Step 4: Installing the Dowels

Picture of Installing the Dowels

Step1*  I used  3/8 dowels for the job.
Step 2*  measure  and cut  6 pieces  14 inches long.
 Step 3* Fit the dowels in each hole of one board . Make sure there flush with the outside edge.
Step 4* Pre drill a hole on the outside edge  of each hole with a 1/8 inch drill bit.
Step 5* Use # 6 finish hails to hold the dowels in place.

Step 5: Installing to the Door

Picture of Installing to the Door

Step 1 *  I used four 1 inch by 1 inch  angle brackets .

Step2* I measured down 4 inches from the top and 4 inches up from the bottom.

Step3* I installed the brackets flush to the outside edge .
 Step 4 *  finished........


KipA2 made it! (author)2016-08-08

This is one of those instructables that inspired me to actually DO the same thing. I've done this before at another house and am always giving such wasted spaces the stink eye!

Space was a little tricky with the location of our double bowl sink, but I managed to keep enough space above and below to keep door storage from interfering with anything on the shelf inside and barely millimeters of clearance between the tops of bottles and the sink.

I did make the error of building the crossbar too narrow to fit common width spray bottles on the new shelf, so I ended up cutting the dowel out to install the aluminum bar on the front. It's sturdy, but it provides a bit of flexibility for stuffing slightly oversized bottles in if necessary (but I sized it right for everything in this pic).

I also installed a shelf inside the cabinet. (That I clearly put less effort into making look good.)

MarkSindone (author)2015-09-11

This seems like such a simple and effective idea to make the most of your cupboard space! Hope to see more similar ideas like this to help maximise my kitchen space!

its very simple to make

hunter999 (author)2014-04-05

This is a great idea, thank you for sharing! Voted! :D

thank u very much

coolbeansbaby68 (author)2014-04-03

Thank you very much

_diyMATT (author)2014-04-03

It all looks so simple when you do it. :)

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