this is my second knife, i did it at school in my free periods, so i hope you all like it

Step 1: Making Old Tool Soft for Shaping

at first, put your old tool inside an oven (900degree celsius). after the tool is all colour red, take it off from the oven and let it become cold inside of a bowl full of sand. this way of cooling is slower than atmosphere cooling, so the tool become soft again before shaping.
hi i took motor oil for temple, just put knife inside a 2liters bowl for 2 or 3 seconds. this process only has to be repeated once. if you want more information just google about temple process. be aware of having close a extintor, in my case oil didnt ignite but it can happen. also wear a mask so you dont breathe the smoke of hot oil when knife cools inside. thanks for comment,
Really nice knife! When you say, cool the knife in oil in order to temper it, what kind of oil? Doesn't the knife set the oil on fire because it is so hot? Also, do you need to do this once or repeatedly?
Looks great.... I like it!

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