Introduction: How to Make a Knife

Step 1:

I started out with flat steel, I then added the holes for your fingers.

Step 2:

I thin added the shape of the blade and put a rough edge on it

Step 3:

I then put a fine edge on it and then hardened it with a propane torch. I also added a hook(which isn't very sharp)

Step 4:

I then painted it and put paracord on the handle.

Step 5:

After you paint it you need to file off the blade slightly to expose the blade so it will have an edge, then you can sharpen it

Step 6:

I also made a sheath, ill explained how to make them in another instructable


wilgubeast made it!(author)2014-09-10

It's significantly more helpful if you write these as though you were trying to teach a friend EVERY PART of the process. Where should someone go to get the steel blank? What paracord wrap technique did you use? Why did you choose to make the handle this particular way?

As you post more projects, consider what a viewer would want to know to make one of their own. The final knife looks pretty cool (and WAY better than a steel blank), but better text is what separates this from the featured projects on the homepage.

/thread necromancy

donttrustthepig made it!(author)2014-02-24

thanks, 6.5 inch blade. I made a knife with a 9inch blade that I may post. It won't be a territorial though.

trose8 made it!(author)2014-02-24

My reactions..

1st picture: "Those finger holes look pretty uncomfortable for that small of a knife..."

3rd picture: "HOLY HAND GRENADE!!!!!"

donttrustthepig made it!(author)2014-02-11


TimedTapestry0 made it!(author)2014-02-11

Haha I own it

donttrustthepig made it!(author)2014-01-04

No just mild steel from lowes

charlesian2000 made it!(author)2014-01-04

Brutal, did you buy a lawn mower blade as the starting blank?

donttrustthepig made it!(author)2013-12-27

It's just plain steel you can buy it at Lowes. It's 2inches wide by 1/4inch thich

jcagle2 made it!(author)2013-12-27

Great looking blade. Where did you get the flat steel and what kind is it ?

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