Okay, so this really isnt an intrcutable, because im not actually doing the steps, i didnt think of documenting making this. There is a story behind it though. A couple years ago, i found an old steak knife, really beat up, in terrible shape, in my yard while digging.. The handle was totally trashed, not saveable, the blad was real dull and had an odd shape to it. Recently i found it in one of my drawers so one boring saturday i decided to make a whole new one. I split the handle apart, threw that out, but i kept the steel.

P.S. - Before this, i had no knowledge of making knives, the shape, the desgins, pretty much nothing about knives. So go easy haha :) Tips are welcome :) 

Step 1: The Blade

  I decided to keep the steel from the old blade, so my first step was to cut/grind it down do the shape i wanted. It was in terrible shape, all rusty and stuff, so i set about cleaning it. I didnt know what i was doing, but i thought i heard somewhere that vinegar worked good, so i soaked it in vinegar, and with some steel wool, and sandpaper, the worst came off. I used a bench grinder and a dremel for the finer applications. i drew out the shape of the blade i wanted then grinded it down, leaving some room for error. i didnt worry about sharpening just yet.  
looks nice. I like your use of the technical lingo such as &quot;rivet thingy&quot; and &quot;homemade sander thing&quot; lol.<br><br>either way, the end result looks nice.
Haha i wasnt sure if they were called rivets or not, and it is a homemade sander so it really doesnt have a name. And thanks :)
I just noticed something that made me curious about your design. the edges of the handle appear to come to a rather hard edge (as opposed to a gentle curve) does that ever hurt your fingers if you use it frequently?
I thought about sanding it down a bunch on the side where my fingers are, but i decided not to, and its quite comfortable for long periods of use. It fits nice in my hand.

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