Picture of DIY Multi-use Laser Stand
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This laser stand can be used for almost anything, a recipe holder, artistic art holder, picture holder, and several other things, but most importantly a laser, thanks to its flexible legs, it could be mounted on a telescope, binoculars or almost anything. It could help hold your laser still while trying to set up mirrors for a tunnel scanner or even just hold it still to gaze lovingly at your laser.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials
For this project you will need:
-2 binder clips
-about 5 feet of thick wire
-a craft stick(aka popsicle stick)

The tools you will need are:
-needlenose pliers
-clamp or vice grip
-hot glue gun(with glue)or any other glue that you would feel comfortable with, it needs to be a little flexible though.
-black marker

Once you gather all your materials head on to step 2!

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting the Felt

Picture of Measuring and Cutting the Felt
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First flip the metal handle things on the clips up. After that we are going to grab the felt and wrap it around the binder clip marking the place it ends with our finger. (see picture, it will make a lot more sense)
Measure the width of the clip then cut it out.

Step 3: Gluing the Felt

Picture of Gluing the Felt
C:\Documents and Settings\Rick\My Documents\My Pictures\OLYMPUS Master 2\2007\11\23\PB220037.JPG
In this step we are going to glue the felt onto the inside of the clip.
First you have to use the clamp to hold open the clip.
Then put glue on the felt and carefully slide the felt into the clip tryinh not to touch it, then use the popsicle stick to press it against the sides of the clip. Let it dry then close the clip.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the second clip.

Step 4: Color the craft stick black

Need I say more?

Step 5: Glue the clips to the craft stick

Picture of Glue the clips to the craft stick
Using some flexible glue, glue the binder clips to either end of the popsicle stick.
Clayton H.7 years ago
This is almost like a gorila pod!
crazy8887 years ago
nice! like the flexibility it would work great with a lot of different experiment setups
FathomBoy917 years ago
The tripod idea was rlly good.

check out mine and the best of luck to you
Personal Wicked Laser Light Show
Nice, very creative! awesome stand!
Solaryellow7 years ago
Lasers are always cool, no matter what they are sitting ON, IN, or AROUND. Tripod is flexible in all aspects, looks like it could be good for this crazy experiments we laser people carry out.
ironsmiter7 years ago
Not sure about the wonky wire tripod for any real use, but the no-mar binder clip is NICE... Some projects, i used to use wood clothes pins for, but they are never strong enough, and don't open far enough ... these babies will fit the bill nicely!
nice laser lol