Introduction: Homemade Lava Lab

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Make a fun lava lamp awsome

Step 1: Stuff to Get

Number 1 get a empty soda bottle
Number 2 get a funnel
Number 3 get vegetable oil
Number 4 get alka-seltzer
Number 5 get any food coloring
Number 6 water

Step 2: Beginning

Picture of Beginning

Put the oil into the bottle then water wait till it is in even category. then put the food coloring in till it looks like the picture

Step 3: Finsh

Now put half of the alka-seltzer in the Bottle and there were done

Step 4: Feeling Crazy Read This

Picture of Feeling Crazy Read This

Add 6 and it looks really cool have fun

Step 5:


cheezy chase (author)2014-05-12

Hi Carson good:)

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