Introduction: Homemade Lava Lab

Make a fun lava lamp awsome

Step 1: Stuff to Get

Number 1 get a empty soda bottle
Number 2 get a funnel
Number 3 get vegetable oil
Number 4 get alka-seltzer
Number 5 get any food coloring
Number 6 water

Step 2: Beginning

Put the oil into the bottle then water wait till it is in even category. then put the food coloring in till it looks like the picture

Step 3: Finsh

Now put half of the alka-seltzer in the Bottle and there were done

Step 4: Feeling Crazy Read This

Add 6 and it looks really cool have fun

Step 5:


cheezy chase made it! (author)2014-05-12

Hi Carson good:)

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