This is an Instructable for underwater exploration! There were very big plans for this instructable, but time has passed and I need to share it, even in its current state!

I am new to diving, and when I returned from a dive to look at video and images I shot it was super GREEN!!!

I saw in the shop that there were expensive filters that I could buy to attach to my gopro. I also saw that there is a recent kickstarter that raised close to 10k making plastic filters.

During some research into flow instrumentation I ordered a swatch panel of Roscoe Light Filters, these are the kind of filters used in theater and industrial lighting.

As it turns out there is just enough material in each sample to make a filter that fits in my gopro housing!

I will show filter selection, filter testing and filter shapes.

After this instructable you should be able to make a low cost filter to take stellar underwater pictures with your gopro!

There are many more colors than red that could be interesting to experiment with. This exploration is using red filters to balance green.

Step 1: Experiments With Red Filters

I have selected some of the red filters from the sample pack. These are all Roscolux filters

I have chosen:

#2001 - Storaro Red - Trans. = 12%

#342 - Rose Pink - Trans = 16%

#4690 - CalColor 90 Red - Trans = 30%

#41 - Salmon - Trans = 24%

#42 - Deep Salmon - Trans = 8%

The filter used in the underwater image is CalColor 90 Red

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