Homemade Liquid Nitrogen Generator using Joule Thomson Effect

video Homemade Liquid Nitrogen Generator using Joule Thomson Effect
Step by step guide to building your own liquid nitrogen generator. Using easily obtained materials you can liquefy nitrogen or air. The unit cools  to -320F in under 50 minutes. Production is about 350 cc/hr. A full tutorial and plans are at

If you like the extreme cold, you might like the extreme hot. Here is a video of an induction heater
You can view a complete tutorial on building one at
SpectrHz1 month ago

This is an excellent guide you have there, very concise and explains things well. I definitely know what my next project is going to be! Thank you very much for your posting :)

chernani2 months ago
you boss
FrankenPC2 months ago

Brilliant. All made to scare the cat. Your job is done here :D

Question, can you use liquid nitrogen in the pre-cooler to greatly increase the efficiency? Maybe use ice water to make the first batch, then dump the water and use your own captured liquid nitrogen to accelerate the process?

imsmooth (author)  FrankenPC2 months ago

Not necessary. Once the tower coils are cooled enough, you don't even need the ice bath. I suspect that it will take more LN2 to cool the pre-cooler than what you will make from it.

Time to execute my plans for world domination O_o

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