what you need your favorite kinds of lotion something to hold the lotion and something to stir the lotion with.

Step 1: Add Lotion

Squirt your lotion into you bucket add as many lotion smells as you like.

Step 2: Mix

Grab what ever you chose to mix the lotion with I chose a wand mix the lotion together and smell it to make sure it smells good.

Step 3: Put on

Rub a little lotion on your hand and smell to make sure it smells good. If not add a lotion smell that you like you can make as much lotion as you like if you have a empty bottle you can put your lotion in that and enjoy.
It doesn't really seem like homemade lotion when you're just mashing loads of different store bought lotions together...?
<p>It does indeed seem like the way to make lotion according to instructables is 1) obtain lotion 2) put it in something and/or add something to it 3) claim you've made lotion</p>

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