Homemade Magnet





Introduction: Homemade Magnet

Step1: Gather all the supplies
- scissors
- 1 iron nail
- D:cell battery
-small magnetic objects, paper lips or pins
-coated copper wire

Step 1: Cut Wire

We cut the wire three times the nail length.

Step 2:

Step 3: Wrap the Wire Around the Iron Nail

We started by leaving about 1inch of wire off of the iron nail on both sides and wrapped the nail.

Step 4: Connect the 1inch Flaps to Each End of Battery

Connect the 1inch flaps to each of the ends of the battery.

Step 5: Pick Up Any Small Metal Objects

Pick up any small metal objects with the new magnet



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Does it have to be a D-Cell Battery?

Hi, re: "Connect the 1 inch flaps to each of the ends of the battery."

Is this done by just holding the wire in place with finger & thumb, or some other way please?

Great idea, I'd like to try it.

Fun experiment! Does the battery get hot?

The battery did not get hot when I used it. But then again I used it for about 1min

This is simple electromagnet. Baterry never gets hot because it is not being short-circuited. Electromagnet eats the energy.

no, is a very small electro magnet