If you know anything about playing percussion (apart from just hitting stuff), you'd know that playing the all-time-best instruments come at a cost. Sticks and mallets are so darn expensive for a ball and a stick. So welcome to my guide on making your own mallets which do sound rather fabulous. I hope you enjoy.

(Quick shoutout)
RocketScientist, inspiring and impressive. I look up to you, good sir.

Steps 2-5: Preparing the Shaft
Steps 6-7: Preparing the Core
Step 8: Assembly
Steps 9-12: Wrapping
Step 13: Repeat steps 2-12 three more times
Step 14: Evaluation

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Wooden dowel, ideally, birch or rattan but it can be hard to come by. I used 9.5mm Tas Oak. I believe most commercial mallets are 8mm. You'll need enought, obviously, for however many mallets you are making. Generally, 40cm mallets are good, so a 0.8m or 1.6m length would be ideal for 2 and 4 mallets respectively.

-Chair tips, the things you put on the ends of legs of chairs to stop them skidding. I think I used 19mm size, leftovers from the cajon project. Anything much over 19mm will result in a mallet way to large. I used rubber, plastic ones would give a different tone.

-Larger wooden dowel, to fit in the chair tips.

-Yarn, Wool or Cord, there are no real definitions here, I used thin 4ply wool

-Glue, I just used PVA, you could use epoxy or whatever you feel is strongest.

-Small saw
(or large, it doesn't really matter I guess)
-Large needle
-Sandpaper, fine and coarse
-Drill/Drill press (not pictured)
        -> Drill bit the diameter of the shaft (not pictured)
-Tape Measure/Ruler (not pictured)

-Safety gear - glasses, ear protection, etc. (not pictured)

My Front Ensemble instructor may like me making these!
Ooh, that should be fun! If you do, show us the results! :D Good luck!
Looks great! Only question is if it sounds just as great
Thanks :) I'll be uploading a sound comparison as soon as I can get back to the instrument (24th June). Sorry for the wait, I hope you've enjoyed it!
Apologies, the sound quality of the recording I did today was absolutely trash, so I'll try it again soon. Sorry for the long wait.
Perfect instructable <br/>Flawless
how about a video of you playing marimba?
Yep! As I mentioned in the instructable, I'll be posting that in a week. I currently can't access the marimba, but when I can, I'll be sure to post one :)
You'll get a fuller sound if you use something like a rubber bouncy ball for the core. I've also seen hard plastic ball cores covered in latex tubing. Great Instructable!
I actually tried using a bouncy ball at one stage, but I only tested it on the lowest range of a xylophone, where it barely made a noise. Maybe they'd make good low-mid range mallets. Thanks for the tip!
As a regular mallet thatcis

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