Step 6:

You can see the cheese clinging on. I got a serving dish for aesthetics and a pear because they mix well .
What do you do with the left over liquid?
To keep your cheese cloth from falling into the sieve use CLOTHSPINS to hold the edges. Also rinsing the cheesecloth first in COLD water will help to make sure you don't have any lint and also allow better drainage.
Thanks so much. I will have to try this
1 tablespoon
This looks awesome! Just wondering if it's 185 Celsius or Fahrenheit. I'm guessing the later. So about 90C. Please correct me if I'm off completely. Thanks!
Farenheit I should have said so im sorry
That's Ok, Anyways Creme of Tartar isn't that common in Scandinavia, So I was wondering how much lemon juice instead. As you mentioned that too.<br><br>Thanks for confirming it and keep up the yummy recipes. <br><br>Cheers!

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