Homemade Metal Bender


Introduction: Homemade Metal Bender

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Taking into our consideration, our subscribers’ requests asking us to make a metal bender, we could not just by making it! Therefore, the next structure by the make it extreme team with the number 0036 is a genuine idea of a metal bender to satisfy our needs.

Step 1: Reticulated Frame

First, we made an horizontal, reticulated frame of square tubes of 60mm thickness x 60mm x 2mm, which has been placed on a basis. The basis of our machine as well as the horizontal frame are both motionless. A second frame with the same requirements of a structure includes our horizontal frame and it moves upwards and downwards within two metallic channels that we made.

The motion of the moveable part is vertical in the motionless frame. Any moves occurred in the frame are supported with the use of a hydraulic jack that exerts pressure up to 6 tones. This jack moves with the help of a lever that has been attached on it. Thus, moving the lever, the moveable metallic frame moves vertically on the horizontal framework with the potential to exert pressure of 6 tones. Then, we placed two metallic axes of 38mm thickness at the frame which remains still and another one the same at the moveable frame. In this way, placing the metallic object between the two axes and moving the lever of the jack, we make the object incline and bend.

Step 2: Axes - Channels

At the two edges of the three axes, we placed screws and we made special channels for wedges in order to be able to put attachments according to the shape and the thickness of the metallic objects that we need to bend. Taking benefit from our structure, we made a wheel that is placed at the central axis which is located at the moveable frame. As a result, giving the inclination that we prefer and orbiting the wheel continuously, we manage a constant inclination at the metallic objects that we want to bend such as tubes, square tubes, knife blades and others. Both sides of the axes have been modified as the one side can be used for a new machine in the future.

Also, we made special attachments for the edges of the axes made of metallic, perforated axes and plastic for bending the tubes and aluminum. Therefore, we achieved to bend iron at the center of the metal bender as well as at its edge. At the central point of the metal bender, objects of a larger diameter are placed as it is supported by both sides with omega bearing while at its edge smaller in size objects are put for bending but in various shapes and kinds.

Also, at the edges, we can achieve a larger inclination and make circles and arrows smaller in diameter. Furthermore, we designed our structure to function vertically and horizontally according to the available space that we have and it has been implemented having the perspective to transform our structure into an automatic machine in the future using a motοr if necessary.

Step 3: Video

It is highly recommended as it is very simple and useable as well as useful to thousand other structures and essential for us and to many other humans. Finally, it should be mentioned that at the sideways of the metal bender, wheels can be placed to move it easily. Also, it has been painted in green and black colour.



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    3 Questions

    Pague por los planos y no me los dieron...

    I am perplexed.. You took so much time to design it, build it and make the high quality video, but you let all us builders hanging by not providing any dimensions whatever. Now if your aim was to just inspire, fair enough, but you have not said so, or anything else in that vein. You obviously HAVE the dimensions.. why not just post them?


    what the hell??? I paid for the membership and there are no plans ??

    I see alot of poeople asking for the dimensions but no dimensions in any relpies. Do you have the dimensions or are they included in a plan set? Any hints on how long before I could get them and if so how much are they?

    Has anyone managed to get measurements of the product? I'm willing to pay but someone up said he paid but did not get a plan

    Any one have the dimension or how can i get it

    Let me design drawings are not. I thank you

    Hi, Any one have the dimension or how can i get it?

    hi ive just paid the premium membership and down loaded the pdf but i cant seem to see the actual dimensions of the two frames have i gone wrong somewhere

    3 replies

    Did you ever get the plans for this build?

    Good day, were you able to get the dimensions? Regards

    Hi no ive just downloaded the pdf again i must be doing something wrong all there is on it is the steel box dimensions that you used to make the frames where should i be looking

    I have no problem paying for the specs on this but I expect a detailed plan and parts list with part numbers in exchange for my money

    Hi have paid my membership so how come I can't get the full dimensions to this Extreme Metal Bender. Can some one tell why? Regards Rob

    This is really cool, can I also get dimensions?

    Where can i get dimensions? Is there a step by step tutorial with dimensions included

    please could you tell me how to get all the dimensions and materials list for your metal bending machine it is one of the best things i have seen

    could you please tell me the dimensions

    please could you tell me how to get all the dimensions for your metal bending machine it is one of the best things i have seen

    would id get all dimensions and plans if i bought the pro memebrship ?