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Shredded cheese, I haven't tried cheese slices, but I don't see why they wouldn't work, you just get more variety with the shredded cheeses to experiment with different flavors. More cheese the better ;)
<p>I just cut a single slice out of a huge frozen pizza and cut out a matching triangle of thin aluminum foil. I place the foil onto a microwavable plate and put the pizza slice on top.<br><br>Little or no foil exposed. Cooked in the mw for three minutes on high. It came out bubbling on top. I removed the foil and the bottom was wet but not soggy.<br><br>The very tip of the slice was dry and sort of hard. The crust was also hard but some people eat hard crusts anyway - I don t like crusts.<br><br>Once it cooled the bottom dried out somewhat and I could see that there was a slight browning.<br><br>The rest of the pizza was delicious.</p>
What a fun idea! I've done these with tortillas, but bread looks just as yummy!
Hmm, never thought of using tortillas, I'll have to try that one, thanks for the idea! :)

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