Homemade Mini Bandsaw





Introduction: Homemade Mini Bandsaw

Make your own bandsaw

Step 1: Watch the Video. Detailed Video About How I Made This Project

video link isn't working in mobile site and i don't know why. The link for mobile site is in comments.



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    I really like this idea, but I do see a few issues, namely the motor and the flywheels. The motor doesn't seem powerful enough and it seems with too much pressure the blade will detrack. As an upgrade, I would increase the power of the motor (even to probably 1/2 hp [dishwasher motors or others make a reasonable replacement]) use a MA wheel assembly, and recess the inside wheels so the blade stays on them. That way you can cut thicker material, not burn out your motor, and be safer while using this saw. I really appreciate the time involved and the video was really interesting!



    This is for who can't open the video

    More pictures and better instructions go a long way!

    Very good

    Great video but measurements would be nice. Don't have to talk, but could put a ruler next to or on the pieces as going along.

    What no wooden jigsaw? Grate project!

    Great job, great vid, can't wait to build it!

    Almost had me with this one. There is no video link. Thanks for nothing

    Are you on mobile? Maybe that's why

    Can you check the link again. The link is working