Homemade Mini Dremel Tool





Introduction: Homemade Mini Dremel Tool

This is my first instructable... hope to like it :)
I wanted to buy dremel tools but they are very expensive, so I decided to make it myself, mixing ideas from more sites, images, yt videos etc.
The good side of my instructable is that the dremel works, but unfortunately it has a bad side... It is about the dremel parts becouse I did not buy any of this parts and its harder to explain where you can find them.
So the parts would be:

-12V, preferable not under 100W electro motor with a 3mm axis diameter;
-12V, 2-2,5A power suply;
-2 wires (non important lenght);
-momentary swich (creators choice for its best performace);
-1mm canvas for sander;
-3mm*1cm screw;
-1 coupling (3mm wire connector)

Tools needed:

Step 1: Making the Dremel Canvas

make a circle with the divider on the piece of canvas and cut it with scissors.
After cutting the circle drill a hole in the middle of it. (make sure to be very passent with the 3mm screw)
Tighten the screw pretty hard through the hole.

Step 2: Connecting to the El. Motor

I left the gear on the motor becouse of its lenght for better performance using.

Tighten the coupling on the motor and canvas.
For less vibration in use, make sure to shorten the two screws on the coupling.

Step 3: Connecting the Swich and Finishing

As I said, the swich (preferable momentary), is creators choice.
For this step I didn't find a swich, so I decided to make it.
The (-) of the motor is now connected to the case (see on the second photo) so ever touch on the case of (-) pole from the suply will start the motor.
The screw (swich holder) is isolated.

You will have problems with the centering. To solve it, you have to put some little cuper cutted layers into the coupling. Once you center it, you will like using it. So that would be all, hope to like my first instructable and sorry for the bad english.. Im from Serbia. :)



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    How much vibration is there with the clamp not being balanced?

    sorry for late answer... the vibration is pretty high...

    Sure you can buy a rotary tool for cheap, but the pleasure taken in creating your own tool is priceless! I also tried to make a similar rotary tool and used the same disk attachement salvaged from a wire conector that you used. I quickly found that it wiggles a lot, and in little time the disk described an eccentric rotation. To solve that problem, I bought a mini drill bit on e-bay for a couple of euros. Wasn't too expensive and works just fine.

    First I just wanted to say I love seeing people find ways around super expensive tools, but off brand rotary tool sets can often be found for less than $10usd, ebay is your friend. Love the inventiveness but considering just how many scars on my hands are from a real dremel brand tool and all its "safety" I believe a caveat is in order, especially when using cut-off wheels and the like. The uneven weight distribution of the "coupler" alone is enough to cause chaos. Good luck!

    oh yes thats right... its easy to buy an original tool, but its more interesting when I make it my self :)... thanks

    thanks very much