Introduction: Homemade Mini Grinder Belt Wheel With DIY Heads Spindle From 2 Old Motor

Homemade Mini Grinder Belt Wheel with DIY Heads Spindle from 2 old motor

This is a my mini Belt Grinder made from 2 old step motor take from broken photocopy machine. I didn`t produce the sand belt but soon i`ll, but the project is follow: the idea was to create a belt grinder very cheap , so i came to this design made by Aluminium it fits to the Flex Shaft Rotor, a motor used take from old hand drill, it is very easy for hand made and it nice work

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mosmond (author)2016-01-31

I was just looking at all your Instructibles - wow! I'm seriously impressed with all the awesome tools you've built. Thanks so much for sharing your projects here. Hopefully I'll get time to try a few sometime soon.