Introduction: Homemade Mini Laser Engraving Plotter Frame With DIY X Y Axis Linear Slide CNC

Entry level X-Y Stages for DIY Engraving Plotter Fram laser machine.

It come as a kit, so assembly work is required 2 pcs Y Axis and 1 pcs X Axis, all axis can do it by my hand

Frame by Aluminium Alloy
3 pcs Aluminium Alloy Bed 42 mm x 12 mm 420 mm

3 pcs Aluminium Alloy 20 mm x 20 mm 340 mm

6 pcs GT2 Timing Pulley 20teeth Alumium Bore 5mm fit for GT2 belt Width 6mm

3 pcs 700 mm GT2-6mm Open GT2 Belt KIT for 3D printer belt 4xM3 setscrews 1xAllen Key

12 pcs M3 Male 6mm x M3 Female 25 mm Brass Standoff Spacer M3 10+6 Copper Hexagonal Stud Spacer Hollow Pillars

3 Mini MGN15 15mm miniature linear rail slide 1pcs 15mm L-330mm rail+1pcs MGN15H carriage 1 pcs 5mm 8mm

3 Motor Stepper 42 mm - 48 mm
Working area: 280mm x 2800mm

More Homemade Mini Laser Engraving Cutter‎ DIY 3D Printer Machine Frame here:

Homemade X Y Axis Slide here:


KarolisZ (author)2016-07-29

if youre makind a cnc machine with 2 axis how do you control the tool?

I'm restoring a cnc ploter that instead of z axis it has an electromagnet that pushes th pen to the surface. i need to know how to do it?

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