Introduction: Homemade Mini Lego X-Wing

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I made this for fun and decided to put it on instructables.  This is my first instructable so hope you like it!
P.S. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!! Oh and sorry the pictures are bad. the camera I used was the only one I had.

Step 1: Starting Out: Lego's You Need

Picture of Starting Out: Lego's You Need

here are the lego pieces you will need (reffer to the picture notes)!

Step 2: Building the Body

Picture of Building the Body

here you will build the body of the x-wing!!! (reffer to pic notes)

Step 3: The Bottom

Picture of The Bottom

now lets biuld the bottom!  (reffer to pic notes)

Step 4: Building the Front End

Picture of Building the Front End

now lets build the front end! (reffer to pic notes)

Step 5: Working on the Top

Picture of Working on the Top

now we will work on the top of the x-wing. (reffer to pic notes)

Step 6: Bottom Clip Hook Holders

Picture of Bottom Clip Hook Holders

now lets focus on the bottom

Step 7: The Wings

Picture of The Wings

now we can get to the wings! ( reffer to pic notes)

Step 8: Putting the Wings On

Picture of Putting the Wings On

now to put on the wings! (reffer to pic notes)

Step 9: Now the Guns!

Picture of Now the Guns!

we are almost done!  (reffer to pic notes)

Step 10: Attaching the Guns!

Picture of Attaching the Guns!

last step! (reffer to pic notes)


wilgubeast (author)2012-08-27

Beg, borrow, or steal a camera that can handle macro photography. Failing that, take the picture from further away, then crop it using something like

Your image notes are helpful, but a lot of people are too lazy to even hover over them. If it's useful, add the information to the step itself.

Keep the projects coming!

rittersport (author)wilgubeast2012-08-30

Thanks for the advice! I will keep it in mind!

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