Introduction: Homemade Mini Mill Router DIY Z Axis Slide CNC Complette XYZ Axis

Homemade Mini Mill Router DIY Y Axis Slide CNC

Z Axis Trvel 250 mm with Hand Wheel DIY

Y Axis Trvel 150 mm

X Axis Trvel 100 mm

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2 Linear Bearing Flange Type/Linear Bushing Flange Type 25 mm

2 pcs 400 mm 25mm Shaft Long Hardened Rod Linear Motion Shafts

3 x SHF25 Size 25mm Linear Rail Shaft Support XYZ Table CNC SHF Series WFR

Ball Screw L300mm and 1pc SFU1604 Ball Nut

DIY handwheels aluminium 60 mm x 30 mm

Homemade mini Milling DIY X Y Z Slide CNC Drill Home Built Lathe Router Machine


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