Introduction: Homemade Mini Potato Gun

You can make a small potato gun rather than those big clunky potato guns.

Materials: medicine bottle, drill, pen tube, hairspray, thumbtacks, sparker from a lighter, potato.

Step 1: Take the medicine bottle, drill a hole in the non cap end.

Step 2: Stick the pen tube in the hole and put glue all around were it meets the medicine bottle.

Step 3: Stick thumbtacks into the medicine bottle and have coming towards eachother, but not contacting eachother inside the bottle.

Step 4: Wrap the ends of the wires from the lighter sparker around the thumbtacks.

Step 5: Stick the potato into the top of the pen tube to wedge a piece of potato into the pen tube.

Step 6: Spray your hairspray into the medicine bottle, close the bottle quickly to prevent losses, and press the sparker to ignite the hairspray mixture and send the potato flying!


aininsofiaz96 (author)2014-05-15

how you remove the sparker??

ajensen19 (author)aininsofiaz962014-05-18

I remember removing some screws and splitting the cartridge of the wand lighter down the seam. You should find something similar to the black piece with the white button on top. That is the sparker.

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