Introduction: Homemade Mini Press Drill DIY PCB Drilling With Collet ER11 Spindle Motor

Homemade Mini Press Drill DIY PCB Drilling with Collet ER11 Spindle Motor


2 pcs LMK12UU 12mm flange bearing CNC Flange Linear Bearings Flange Linear Bush

2 pcs 12 mm 350 mm linear shaft Cylinder Liner Rail Linear Shaft axis cnc parts make gear 8 mm x 20 mm

1 pcs Aluminium 100 mm x 250 mm x 16 mm for bed

1 pcs Aluminium 100 mm x 100 mm x 6 mm make 2 hole 21 mm

1 pcs Aluminium 42 mm x 100 mm x 6 mm make hole 20 mm for motor

1 pcs motor 50 watt take from old hand drill

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1 pcs ER11 Motor Shaft Extension Rod Inner Hole 5 mm Optional Engraving Machine Clamping Collet Drill Sleeve Motor Extension


cobourgdave (author)2016-04-28

All of your tutorials are excellent. You must have a near inexhaustible supply of 6mm aluminium. Every one of them really caught me interest and I badly wanted to duplicate each one, and I shall one day. Please keep up the excellent series, and my personal thanks to you for such excellent, well described instructables.

TimothyJ999 (author)cobourgdave2016-04-29

I'm not the author, but I can tell you that having some pieces of 1/8" and 1/4" aluminum handy can be really useful for a million different things. It's simple to work with hand tools, it's easy to drill and tap for machine screws and bolts. and with the right kind of brazing rod it can be "welded" with a propane torch. I buy it on Ebay..

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