Homemade Mini Wood PCB Milling Router Mill Frame DIY Collet ER11 X Y Z Stage Axis Slide CNC

Homemade X Axis Slide here:

Homemade Y Axis Slide here:

Homemade Z Axis Slide and Collet ER 11

Materials for Z Axis DIY 100 mm travel

Collet ER11 Spinde DIY 1 pcs Aluminium 200 mm x 82 mm x 10 mm

2 pcs Aluminium 42 mm x 82 mm x 10 mm 1 pcs Aluminium 90 mm x 82 mm x 8 mm

1 pcs 150 mm 8D 8mm Lead Screw Dia 8mm ,Lead 2mm, Length 150 mm with Copper Nut

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