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This is a quick and easy homemade moon sand recipe, enjoy!!!:):):) In this instructable I made dirt cheap moon sand!! Made simply out of sand, corn starch , and water!!! I got the idea a couple of days ago when I was playing with real moon sand!! That's when I thought, is there a cheaper way to make this stuff. So I fiddled around with some stuff and I got my great recipe!! My plan stayed the same throughout the whole thing!! I made this amazing moon sand in my basement. When I was a kid I used to always play with moon sand cause it was fun. I wanted to make moon sand in a cheap way without having to buy the expensive stuff so that my younger siblings can play with it!!:) My biggest challenge I came across was getting the right consistency of the moon sand. If I were to make the moon sand again I would use more food coloring so that my moon sand has a better and brighter color!!:):)

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
These are the following materials you will need to make this amazing moon sand: 1 cup of sand 1/2 cup of corn starch 1/4 cup of water Opt. Food coloring big bowl
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would using floor and water and food color be good to

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Thanks for this recipe, I will be trying this with my summer camp kids tomorrow. They are writing their own "how-to" articles.
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How very cool!! This is the first moon sand recipe I've seen and I plan to use it with some kids in my classroom, thank you so much!!