Introduction: Homemade Nail Polish

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Step 1: U Will Need

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Some clear nail polish

Step 2:

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Some cotton wool

Step 3:

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Some nail polish remover

Step 4:

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I'm using bronzing pearls for mine but u should use old eye shadow that I don't like!!!

Step 5:

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And a paper clip or hair slide

Step 6:

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Take a plastic pot that you are willing to through away

Step 7:

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Scrape some eye shadow or blush into your pot

Step 8:

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Step 9:

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Squeeze the balls until powdery and put into pot

Step 10:

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Step 11: Varnish

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Pour a lot of polish into the pot of powder

Step 12: Remover

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And straight after add the remover

Step 13: Mixing

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Mix all the stuff together with your clip or hair slide (It may take about 3-5 minutes for all the stuff to mix up nicely into a quite liquidy paint/paste)

Step 14: Voila!!!!!

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And there u have it!!! Your very own homemade nail varnish!!! You can sell it in small nail polish pots that u have collected and taken the labels off to ur neighbours and friends.


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