Step 4: Add the Charcoal Powder

Now, set the stove on a simmer, stir in a couple pinches of the charcoal powder. Remember, you can always add more but you can't take any charcoal back. Once you get your resin to an inky color you've added enough.
<p>WoW!</p><p> that is outstanding ! simpler that I would of guessed.</p><p>Slim49</p>
can you also use ground coal? as I do not have charcoal ready at the moment.
Something you can also use is beeswax, which I've had moderate success with. I haven't tried ground coal, but go right ahead and try it! Share your results here!
For people familiar with industrial glues, a few limitations of natural glues like this should be mentioned in case someone contemplates employing it for a non-survival use.<br> <br> This particular glue is not water resistant and will soften and break under immersion or even sustained high humidity.&nbsp;Despite the high levels of turpentine and other natural toxins, insects and microbes will eat the glue if there is enough moisture.<br> <br> This glue is only a fraction of the strength of common industrial glues. Ordinary yellow wood glue will form a bond stronger than the wood itself. Rosin glues will form bonds about 25% as strong as the wood itself.&nbsp;<br> <br> This glue will desiccate within a few years and turn brittle under most real world conditions.&nbsp;<br> <br> These limitations are why we stopped using natural source glues in the first place. &nbsp;<br> <br> <br>
Hide glue is used by luthiers for its strength and low creep properties but fairly easy and harmless removal.
What sort of things is this good for gluing together?
Traditionally, Native Americans would use the glue to seal baskets, to make the baskets waterproof. In a more practical sense, the glue can be used in replace of contact cement. But it is most practical in a survival situation where you need glue and you have none, so you make glue.
OK, thanks.
Check out my other project where I use the resin in making emergency fishhooks: https://www.instructables.com/id/Emergency-Fishhooks/
My age is close to that of Methuselah and when I was a kid &quot;rosin&quot; was spelled resin and pronounced rosin. Time has a tendency to do that to words. Buoy was pronounced &quot;boy&quot; as in Lifebuoy soap, among other words done different. Sorry to go off subject. Enjoyed your 'ible.

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