Introduction: Homemade Night Vision Infrared Goggle Scope DIY CCTV View Finder Camera Led Module

Night vision goggles were invented for use by the military. The technology that makes night vision possible is called an infrared image intensifier tube. The tubes transfer photons into electrons by passing a charge through a photo cathode and using a phosphor screen for illumination. When this happens, the light is filtered in such a way that you can easily see anything that would be visible in normal lighting. These goggles can be made at home using simple methods with old CCTV camera, view finder take from old camcorder, infrared led module, old battery laptop cell, few scrap material
All step are on my video, you can try do it very easy and cheap

Step 1: DIY Battery 18650 for Old CCTV Camera

DIY Battery 18650 for Old CCTV Camera with 3 Cells Laptop Battery

Step 2: DIY View Finder Camera

DIY View Finder Camera take from old Camcorder broken

Step 3: DIY Infrared Module Led Flashlight

DIY Infrared Module Led Flashlight with 36 Infrared Led Module ( buy from eBay )


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