Step 4: Make the Filling and Assemble

Cream together butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla with a mixer set to medium speed for a full 5 minutes, scraping the bowl periodically with a rubber spatula.  

Transfer mixture to a ziplock bag with the corner clipped off, or a pastry bag with a plain tip.  Or just use a spatula and spread between the cookies, as I did (I wasn't using any fancy shapes).

Pipe or spread filling onto the flat side of half of the cookies.  Top with the remaining cookies, gently sandwiching the filling in between.  

Since I forgot to make the designs on the tops of the cookies before baking, I thinned the remaining frosting with water and piped it on afterwards! 
love that nutter butter
Doh! I have everything except for the peanuts. Nutter Butters are one of my favorite cookies.
I have a craving for nutter butters now! :) <br>Great job!
Those look great!<br><br>I think we've been officially deprived here in Canada, because I have never seen nor heard (or therefore ate) a Nutter Butter... :(<br><br>After reading the ingredients, I feel rather short changed. Do you export? :D
looks good.but there goes my diet.lol.
Wow those look so good!!!!
Ms.Scoochmaroo,<br>You are just simply amazing!! wish I had you here to cook for me! :P<br>I just love reading your Ibles &amp; love even more the stuff you cook/bake!!!
These look awesome! I always forget how good nutter butters are. :D

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