Use flowers from your garden or Essential Oils to make luxurious hand, foot intensive moisturisers and a treatment for feathered friends too. You will need the following organic ingredients:
2 tablespoons of oil - I suggest safflower, almond or apricot kernel
1 heaped teaspoon of virgin raw cold-pressed coconut oil
½ oz or 15g of beeswax
5 drops of Evening Primrose Oil
Add more oil and less wax to make a thinner cream.
This makes the basic recipe to which you may add:
10 drops of Essential Oil - I would use Ylang Ylang or Geranium
or if you grow Tagetes or Calendula - make an infused oil.
For the infused oil you will need:-
Enough dried flowers to fill a small jam jar and enough oil, such as those used in the recipe above to cover them.
Please Note
Do not use essential oils on small children without consulting a qualified aromatherapist. I adapted the basic recipe from Valerie Ann Worwood's Book on Aromatheraphy and I recommend her works to anyone new to the subject.
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