Picture of Homemade Oven for Pizza and Cakes
If you do not have Oven and love to bake, then do not despair! Try this simple Homemade Oven and enjoy the treats of your baking!

Tip no 1
You can bake cakes easily in Pressure Cooker.

Tip no 2
As the diameter of Pressure cookers is small, so Pizza cannot be baked in them. That is why I have a secret to share with you!

My daughter loves baking but we did not have Oven. So I let her use Pressure Cooker to bake a cake. But after baking, the insides of cooker turned black from burning steam and I did not like this all. Although the cakes baked in cooker are excellent to eat but they can ruin your precious cookers. And this is what I taught her to do.

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Step 1: How to Bake in it? - 1

Picture of How to Bake in it? - 1

Take a large Cooking Utensil/Pot made of Steel or material like that.

Put in it an iron/steel rack.

We have two sizes.

The shallow one for cakes and higher one for pizza.

As the diameter of cooking pots is much larger than pressure cooker and more likely to have in our houses, so Pizza can be baked easily in them.

Step 2: How to Bake in it? - 2

Picture of How to Bake in it? - 2
First turn on the stove and put Cooking Pot on it, covered with Lid.

Heat it on medium flame for about 10 minutes.

When Cake/Pizza is ready to bake, first put steel rack in its center and place cake mould or pizza pan in it wearing mittens.

Cover the pot with a piece of Clean Cotton Cloth (a bit larger than pot) before covering it with lid.

Then put the lid back and fold the corners of cloth up on it.

Place something heavy on lid to prevent steam going out.

The cloth will retain the moisture and will not let the hotness out.
Arghus11 months ago
very ingenious
tammar3 years ago
hi? I like the idea so much its the best i have gotten after hours of googling. I have just one question do u put water on the pot so that the steam is released or you just heat the air in the pot. Its the same question as Meyeco asked. Kindly reply.
Saxidomus3 years ago
Thank you. This is a great idea. I did something sort of similar. I baked bread on the little propane stove we use to heat the house when the electric power goes out in a storm. The top of the stove is only about 6"x7" and gets hot enough to keep a pot of water just below boiling. Use a one-loaf size bread recipe. I followed the recipe, kneaded it only once, and put it in a greased pan on the stove. Use a pan deep enough so your bread can rise. Put a lid on top. The bread will slowly rise and bake. This takes some time but the bread is delicious. It will be brown on the bottom. You can turn it over and bake a while longer to brown the top if you want to.
canida4 years ago
This is an excellent idea!

Thank you for sharing your solution.
meyeco4 years ago
Do you fill the pot with water, to create steam, or are you simply warming the air inside the pot?
paganwonder4 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing such a useful instructable! I grew up in a world over run with appliances and would never have imagined a solution for baking without an oven. Well done!